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First when I moved to this stable in Israel I was not sure how things are exactly going to end up.

Fortunately as Erina started to train me and my horse, things changed for the better in no time.

Erina took my horse into a serious and dedicated work which payed itself off.

Erina’s Professionalism shows itself in every Aspect of her as a trainer and a person.


Sean Aruch (From Israel)

I have known Erina Yamabe for many years. We share a mutual love of horses and an appreciation for the horse as an athlete.

    I  have been in the horse business for a long time,  having showjumped competitively around Europe. I look for honesty and integrity in the people I deal with and Erina,without doubt, has both those qualities in abundance. 

I hope and plan to continue to do business with Erina in the future.


Sheila White. HSI Coach


(From Ireland)

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